Refugee camps are pretty bleak places. But as photographer Henk Wildschut discovered, a little vegetable patch can go a long way.

New Zealand photographer Timothy Flower discovers there’s more to Louisiana than Cajun food and alligators. (Though there's plenty of Cajun food and alligators, too.)

Denis Chermin has a knack for capturing moments of incredible coincidence on film.

Fishing With Fire

Monday July 11, 2016

Meet the last of Taiwan’s fire fishermen, who lure fish out of the water with impressive light shows.

How The West Was Done

Friday July 08, 2016

Photographer Warren Kirk’s new book is a pre-emptive elegy to the fading cultures of Melbourne’s western suburbs.

Denmark's Disappearing Islands

Tuesday June 28, 2016

The Faroe Islands may be many (there are 18 in total), but their populations are dwindling. Photographer Kevin Faingnaert captures their fading communities in these beautiful shots. 

Call for Explorers + Photographers

Wednesday June 22, 2016

Left Foot Right Foot are looking for budding walkers / photographers in South Australia to contribute to their walking guides. If you’re in the area and know a place worth exploring, read on.

Did you know 99 per cent of the Smithsonian’s collection is in storage? This is what it looks like.

Ah, America: the land of palm trees, casino foyers and desert horses. Spanish architect Sara Fernández takes us on a little road trip with these photos.

These illustrated Russian mafia headstones are testaments to the values – and steeze – of some truly deadly dead dudes.