Meet the Prisoners Rehabilitating Shelter Dogs

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Meet the Prisoners Rehabilitating Shelter Dogs

Friday July 21, 2017 Written by Téa

Prison's not often associated with puppies and play, but a program called Paws for Life is changing that. The initiative pairs long-term prisoners with dogs from high-kill shelters. The inmates spend weeks learning how to rehabilitate troubled dogs; those that receive the program's coveted Canine Good Citizen certificate have a much higher chance of adoption.

The global program, which is known in Australia as Pups in Prison, gained the attention of U.S. photographers Shaughn Crawford and John DuBois, who decided to spend a week with the inmates and their dogs.

The duo admits documenting the program was an emotional experience, and forced them to refine their idea of who the prisoners were. "Their passion and their love for these dogs was really heartwarming," Crawford told Light Box. "A lot of times, they would start crying when they talked about it.”

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