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Iceland From Above

Monday September 18, 2017

Brooke Holm dangled out of a helicopter on a small rope to bring us this captivating photography series of Iceland. 

Sory Sanlé’s witty and utterly unique photographs allow us a rare peek into the parties, concerts and daily life of Burkina Faso after its independence from France in 1960.

What happens when an Alaskan fisherman also happens to be a fine art photographer? 

In Lost Utopias, photographer Jade Doskow finds beauty in the ruins.

Cold? These shots of from “bad weather” photographer Christophe Jacrot will give you some perspective.

The internet often describes Szödliget as an abandoned fishing village – despite the fact that it’s neither abandoned nor a village. Either way, these photos make us want to visit it very much.

Franz Sußbauer has gone to great lengths to prove that – no matter your sporting allegiance – soccer really is the world game.

These aerial photos of Greek fish farms look like something you might see under a microscope.

Prison's not often associated with puppies and play, but a global program pairing inmates with shelter dogs is changing that. 

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