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Creative Coffins

Monday February 01, 2016

Forget the boring old pine box: in Ghana, it’s not uncommon to burry the dead in customised coffins of every shape and colour.

Strange Animals

Friday January 29, 2016

This collection of the strangest-looking animals that aren't Grumpy Cat will restore your faith in the internet (if not nature).

Daniel Hartley-Allen's photos capture life in remote Australia.

Call off the search for extraterrestrial life: these photos of the weirdest mushrooms on Earth are proof the aliens are already among us.

These photos of a real-life Huckleberry Finn will make you want to throw your laptop away. (After you've first booked flights to the U.S., of course.)

The Art of People Looking at Art

Saturday January 16, 2016

Brisbane photographer Dean Swindell uses his camera to turn art viewers into art subjects.

The Last of the Cowboys

Monday January 11, 2016

Meet the cowboys and ranchers keeping the West wild in the 21st century.

New York in the 1970s

Thursday December 31, 2015

Photographer Camilo José Vergara set out to capture the mean streets of New York City in the 1970s. Mission accomplished.

Abandoned Australia

Thursday December 24, 2015

You don’t have to travel to the former USSR to get your abandoned porn fix: as Brett Patman’s photos show, there’s plenty of it right here in Australia.

Constructive Play

Saturday December 19, 2015

Concrete buildings can feel a little cold and impersonal, but as these playful photos show, the people who make them are anything but.

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