Bundarra Berkshires

Bundarra Berkshires

Friday January 11, 2013 Written by luke

Pork seems to be undergoing a bit of a renaissance. Not that it ever really went anywhere, mind, but you get the feeling that we may be at peak-pork-fetishisation right now. You can, after all, buy a bacon-themed coffin.

Despite all this, we tend to think less about the provenance of our pork than we do other forms of meat, which seems a little perverse considering the pig's reputation for intelligence, sociality and emotion.

That's where Bundarra Berkshires comes in. A family farm on the Murray River in NSW, the Bundarra project is all about making sure that the pigs live a happy, healthy and completely organic life before they become your delicious pork products. Run by Lachlan and Lauren Mathers, this is a farm that actually likes the animals they raise and wants to ensure that they're not wasted by being turned into sub-par product.

While they cater mostly to the local community, you can also buy Bundarra pork online, at which point it's vacuum sealed and hand-delivered within 10 kilometres of the Melbourne CBD by farmer Lauren herself. For real.