Ballarat Beer Festival

Ballarat Beer Festival

Tuesday January 15, 2013 Written by chris

For nine hours the third most populous city in Victoria will have the brewer-to-drinker ratio tipped happily in favour of the former (which is great for the latter), when 40 beer-makers descend on the town for the Ballarat Beer Festival.

This Saturday January 19 the festival will host a veritable who's who of Victorian beer-making, which includes over 140 beers, from the florid-noted Kooinda to the eclectically seasonal Red Duck (brewed in a Ballarat warehouse).

No self-respecting Bacchic celebration would be complete without a constant offering of food, and for this reason Ballarat has called in favours from around the world, with gourmet sausage stalls, traditional Mexican alimento, Spanish paella and so on and so forth. 

Like all responsible government-endorsed booz fests, it'll be serviced by public transport, with coaches leaving from various pubs around Melbourne. Details are here. Beers are on the oval. *The festival starts at 11am. Tickets on sale now.