Come See Some Art and Drink Some Beer with MoCU

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Come See Some Art and Drink Some Beer with MoCU

Thursday March 09, 2017 Written by Smith

Like art? Enjoy beer? Good news! We’re giving away tickets to a special Smith-only preview of Happy When it Rains, an art and beer exhibition hosted by online beer store MoCU as part of Art Month Sydney. 

Held at Studio Neon in Redfern on Monday March 27, the exhibition brings together seven Australian artists who work across everything from video to painting to photography and sculpture. Curated by Sebastian Goldspink, each work takes a different look at craftsmanship and creativity. Because really, what's more artful than a well-made brew?

There’ll be plenty of free top shelf beer on offer, including the premium Japanese import Grand Kirin Dip Hop IPL, as well as some great food. (And a little wine too, if that's more your bag.)

We have limited spots, so if you’d like to go in the running for a ticket for you and a pal, simply fill out this online form and we’ll let you know by next week if you’ve won. Good luck!

Event details: Studio Neon, Redfern, Monday March 27, 6:30-8:30pm.

Note: All winners will be required to show proof of age upon entry.