A beer made with yeast from outer space has just touched down thanks to one out-of-this-world brewer.

Come Work at Smith Journal

Friday April 10, 2015

We're looking for a new marketing coordinator. Are you the one we're looking for?

2015 Smith Reader Survey

Thursday April 09, 2015

Tell us what you really think. The Smith Reader Survey is happening now, and there's a veritable swag of cool prizes up for grabs.

Big Shoes to Fill

Wednesday April 08, 2015

Welcome to Matehuala, Mexico, where the kids modify their cowboy boots into insanely long points with rubber hose and extra leather.

The Treasure of Maps

Wednesday April 01, 2015

Where do the old maps go to retire now that we’ve moved on to smartphones? Ask Glen Creason, Map Librarian.

Soy Sauce Tsunami

Tuesday March 24, 2015

A centuries-old fungus that ferments soy sauce was presumed lost in the 2011 tsunami, until researchers stumbled across it amongst the rubble.

Good Beer Week is back for another year and – like a fine wine – it’s getting better with age. (Sorry, we couldn’t think of a suitable beer-related simile.) To celebrate, we're giving festival tickets away.

You won’t find Elgin Park on a map, but for this model maker it’s as real as the small Pittsburgh town he grew up in.

The trophies we receive when we’re young can have a surprising effect on our lives. We spoke to the Bedroom Philosopher about his high school swimming medal, Speedos and personal vendettas.

What does it feel like to have written one of the most infamous books of all time – and to then try to ban it? Meet the author of The Anarchist Cookbook, forty years on.

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