Typewriters weren't just used for writing the Great American Novel (or tedious office memos) – musicians used them too. We look back at the musical machines lost to history.

It took over 100 years, but the meaning behind this headstone crossword has finally been solved. 

Back in the day, students caught misbehaving at this university were sent to a secret subterranean prison. These photos of its graffiti-clad walls show that it was a pretty fun place to be.

Merry Christmas! Here are some creepy Victorian-era Christmas cards of dead birds and frogs stabbing each other for some reason.

Sydney's Elephant Graveyard

Sunday December 18, 2016

There's something unusual buried in a suburban backyard in Coogee, Sydney: a giant elephant named Alice. Writer James Woodriff investigates.

Nearly eight decades' worth of beautifully designed state secrets are now available for your perusal.

The Wooden Streets Of Philadelphia

Saturday November 26, 2016

One of America’s last wood-paved streets is proving to be a bit of a nightmare for conservationists. 

Postcards from American History

Monday November 14, 2016

This collection of old postcards and found photos is a safe place to retreat to when the real world feels a little too real.

When the world’s greatest magician wasn’t entertaining a crowd, he was exposing other tricksters who pretended to be mystics. 

Nazi Helmet Pots and Pans

Thursday November 03, 2016

This 1946 German newsreel answers a question we never thought to ask: what happened to all those old Nazi helmets after Germany lost the war?