The Computer Virus Museum

Wednesday February 24, 2016

A new museum is giving the computer viruses of the ’80s and ’90s their dubious dues.

Lunar Litter

Friday February 19, 2016

Family photos, golf balls, eagle feathers and bags of human poo are just some of the items we've dumped on the moon. Here’s the full list.

The Presidential Statue Graveyard

Tuesday February 16, 2016

Forget Mount Rushmore’s trifling four-president sculpture: this family farm is home to giant busts of all 43 U.S. presidents. Pity they’re falling apart.

The world is – quite literally – littered with time capsules of all shapes and sizes (some as big as swimming pools). The Time Capsule Society is here to make sure they don’t get lost in, well, time.

Most people think Jesus died somewhere in the Middle East. The Japanese have a different idea...

Viking School

Thursday February 04, 2016

In Norway, schools are teaching people how to live like the Vikings again (minus the pillaging).

The Unknown WWI Photographer

Tuesday February 02, 2016

A new virtual reality project aims to solve the mystery behind an album of previously unseen WWI photos.

The 2,300-Year-Old Board Game

Sunday January 31, 2016

If you thought the last game of Monopoly you played went on forever, spare a thought for the 2300-year-old game of "bo" archaeologists recently uncovered in China.

It turns out one of the most active contributors to the first Oxford English Dictionary was a criminally insane murderer. Explains why he had so much time on his hands.

The Story of the Swiss Cheese Mafia

Wednesday January 13, 2016

How a cabal of cheese makers rose to power, held a country to ransom, and tricked everyone into thinking that fondue was a reasonable thing to eat.