Does turkey really put you to sleep? And is it racist? The answers to all these questions (and one more) are revealed in this new fortnightly listicle from Ingredipedia. It might just help you in a trivia night, but probably won’t. 

Some of the world’s most difficult exams are also some of the strangest. We take a brief look at four of them.

The Rescued Film Project

Tuesday July 26, 2016

This group of found-film collectors believes every undeveloped photo deserves to be seen – from your 1992 family reunion to the snaps of an unknown WWII solider.

Can’t wait til September for your Paralympics fix? Rare footage from the 1972 Heidelberg Games has just been discovered, and it’s a moustachioed, flare-panted trip back in time.

The human story is about six million years long. Thankfully, some bright spark has condensed it down into this cute, ten-minute version.

The Land That Time Forgot

Thursday July 07, 2016

Could this old mining village, once home to 10,000 people, be the world’s most perfectly preserved ghost town?

Looking for something to listen to? This podcast remembers the time when classical music lovers took their fandom just a tad too far, and stole someone’s head in the process.

Forget not walking under ladders: just last century, a lot of well-educated people believed in way crazier superstitions.

There’s a new site in town to help you make sense of Wikipedia’s 40 million pages. And it looks very pretty indeed.

“My name’s David Helvey. I’m 20 years old. And I am ready to rock.”