House of Rock

Monday August 24, 2015

When it all gets too much, it's nice to know you can flee to the countryside and carve a house out of a boulder – just like this 15th-century Romanian monk did.

We tend to think of submarines as modern, metallic machines, but the very first one was actually built out of wood, and looked like a sunken Viking ship.

Horse Skull Soundsystem

Tuesday August 04, 2015

A new archeological dig suggests that horse skulls may have been used as primitive amplifiers, making them the most metal sound system ever.

Bored? Build your own model communist utopia with these old Russian activity books.

Cooking with Liberace

Friday July 24, 2015

It mightn't make you hungry, but Liberace's recently unearthed cookbook from the '70s should certainly entertain.

Ask a Librarian

Thursday July 16, 2015

Before Google, our inane questions were answered by patient librarians. The New York Public Library recently unearthed a box of these questions from the '40s – and they’re amazing.

The Plot to Make Hitler a Woman

Tuesday July 14, 2015

Did you know the British once tried to turn Hitler into a woman with oestrogen-laced carrots? Neither did we.

The World Without Water

Friday July 10, 2015

This 17th-century map of the Earth without its oceans is a highly technical, strangely religious oddity.

The Misfit Economy (book giveaway)

Wednesday July 01, 2015

What can pirates, hackers and gangsters teach us about economics? A lot, says author Alexa Clay in her latest book The Misfit Economy, and in Smith Journal volume 15.

Old Aussie Knits

Saturday June 27, 2015

These vintage jumpers of Australian flora and fauna will make you long for a simpler, more hand-knitted time.