The instrument that changed music forever just turned fifty.

The Slurpee: the inveterate brain freezer and enticing tongue teaser that deserves a lot more credit as a hangover cure. 

Muscle Shoals (DVD giveaway)

Wednesday May 14, 2014

The music history of cities like Seattle, New Orleans and Memphis is often reported, but Muscle Shoals is a doco about a small city in Alabama which, despite its size, produced some huge hits.

The Rats that Ate Sydney

Wednesday May 07, 2014

Looking at the bridge and fancy harbour, it seems hard to believe Sydney once had the bubonic plague and the streets ran with rats.

Happy Birthday Bill

Wednesday April 23, 2014

Shakespeare would have been 450 today, had he not died on this day 398 years ago. To mark the occasion, here are some poetic facts about the bard. (He invented the word 'puking', among other things.) 

Depending on your tendency to nap in classrooms, what you missed in history might vary. This podcast is closer to the stuff we all missed in history class.

Lefty Righty

Wednesday April 09, 2014

What makes us left or right-handed is an elusive, unsolved – though seemingly simple – puzzle. Could evolution hold the answer?

Play Ball

Wednesday March 19, 2014

In a case of great minds thinking alike, a Mexican university discovered the remnants of an ancient Mayan basketball court – while trying to build their own.

Virus on Ice

Saturday March 08, 2014

Good news! God-playing scientists have awoken a giant 30,000 year-old virus from its unearthly slumber.

Proving there's a champion for everyone, we raise a glass and cheers Arnold of Soissons, the patron saint of brewers. 

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