The mysterious Queenslander known as Primitive Technology is back again, this time knocking our self-sufficiency socks off with a video on grass huts.

Music collection a shambles? This DIY vinyl organisation system will leave you feeling like a real record holder.

You don’t need to drop $30 on camo pants to fade into the background: all you need is some mud, grass – and these life-saving instructions.

How to Make Salami

Thursday June 02, 2016

In this comprehensive how-to, the makers at Melbourne’s The Craft & Co show us how to make world-class salami.

How to Carve a Spoon

Tuesday May 17, 2016

There’s nothing like carving your own spoon to make you feel like a regular Ron Swanson. And with these instructions from our pals at Left Foot Right Foot, it’s easier than ever.

Make Your Own Record Player

Saturday April 02, 2016

Let this low-budget TV show from the '80s show you how to make a working record player out of stolen office stationery.

How to Press Your Own Vinyl Records

Saturday February 06, 2016

Ever wanted to press your own record? It's not as easy as burning a CD, but it is way more fun. Here's how.

Build your own Boat

Saturday January 30, 2016

Got a single piece of wood and a garbage bag? You’ve got a boat. Or at least you could if you follow these instructions from Stephan Pöhnlein.

Ever wanted to turn your backyard into a workable farm? Or learn how to pickle food? Grown and Gathered’s new workshops will show you how to do both.

Learn to Dance with James Brown

Friday January 22, 2016

Heading out tonight? Need to brush up on your dance moves? Let James Brown show you how to get down (right on, right on), in this short video.