Buckshot Barber

Buckshot Barber

Tuesday January 15, 2013 Written by chris

The cool thing about the return of the classic taper haircut (also known as the 'Don Draper effect') is the revival of the olde-style pomades and combs that go with it. The once everyday items might not be as vital now as they were in Draper's day but, darn it, they sure are nice to have around. 

Each Buckshot Sonny's comb comes free with the purchase of any product from Buckshot's online store. But if you're not in the market for a new shirt, or a fancy wristwatch you can pick one up for a dollar.

As for the name? Buckshot refers to the tiny metal pellets you cram into shotgun cartridges to kill large animals. Another elusive man thing awaiting revival.

Update: unfortunately single combs don't ship to Australia and NZ just yet. But we're on the case.