This Calendar Puts Your Entire Life into Perspective

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This Calendar Puts Your Entire Life into Perspective

Saturday August 19, 2017 Written by Garry

The average human lifespan is 71.5 years. In theory, that’s a lot of time to get things done. But armed with the knowledge that our life will (most likely) be long, we tend to live our lives a day, a week, or a month at a time.

This calendar will make regular planners seem incredibly short-sighted in comparison. The brainchild of designers Tomas Solas and Carlos Lagrance, the Life Calendar lays your whole life out ahead of you. Solas and Lagrance came up with the idea after reading post Your Life in Weeks, a blog post by writer Tim Urban which encourages us to look long and hard at how we’re spending – or, perhaps, wasting – our weeks.

In this respect, the Life Calendar isn’t intended to help you plan your day-to-day life so much as offer you a visual reminder to stay grounded in what really matters. The calendar itself is sleek, wall mountable, and comes in a colour or a black and white version – so at least your home will look nice even if it doesn’t change your perspective on life.

At the time of writing it’s about two-thirds of the way to meeting its crowdfunding goal. Head over to Kickstarter for more info.