The Space-Age Camping Huts of Amsterdam

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The Space-Age Camping Huts of Amsterdam

Saturday August 12, 2017 Written by Garry

Camping is usually all about the location, but if you find yourself in Amsterdam this month you might get to experience a unique campsite that’s less about the surrounding scenery, and more about the accommodation you’re staying in.

Urban Campsite Amsterdam describes itself as a place where “art meets camping,” an assertion that's hard to argue with given the unusual nature of its temporary abodes. 

Some look more appealing to spend a night in than others. The Second Skin residence, a two person ‘monastery’ with a small oak tree as its centrepiece, is fairly inviting. While others are more interested in making social statements than a good night’s sleep.

Even so, most of the campsites look pretty darn comfortable, and sure beat staying in a hostel. Even this rubbish skip and this sewer pipe have their merits.