Return to the ’80s With These Fantastically Retro Lego Offices

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Return to the ’80s With These Fantastically Retro Lego Offices

Sunday August 06, 2017 Written by Garry

Nova-Scotian illustrator, photographer and (more importantly) Lego-builder Chris McVeigh has reached peak Gen-X nostalgia with this series of subversively boring guides and kits for making classic ’80s-era office furniture out of the plastic bricks.

What better way to bring back memories of your childhood than by recreating the family computer desk, complete with a miniature computer and a dubiously ergonomic chair, using Lego?

McVeigh’s designs also feature other bygone work desk essentials including rotary telephones, old-fashioned calculators, floppy disks, and, of course, oversized disk cases. And although his Lego computers aren’t actually operational – and therefore unable to run any of the text-based or low-bit games ’80s kids grew up with – his accurate designs are bound to instil a sense of nostalgia.

Being the generous guy he is, not only can you buy his ready-to-go kits, you can also get free building instructions as well.