Building A Secret Studio Under a Freeway Bridge

Building A Secret Studio Under a Freeway Bridge

Saturday July 08, 2017 Written by Garry

It’s hard to think of a more underutilised space than the lightless void underneath a road bridge. And while the concrete nether regions of our city’s don’t exactly scream ‘hot real estate’, as room inevitably dwindles, some lateral thinking might be required to transform these lifeless and lonely areas.

Enter Fernando Abellanas, a Spanish plumber and furniture maker who built his own studio getaway under – you guessed it – a bridge.

His setup is pretty straightforward. The tiny studio space contains a desk, a chair and a shelf – but it’s the hand-crank driven platform that forms the studio’s floor, as well as its only point of access, that makes the whole thing so quaintly unorthodox. That and the fact that it hangs from the undercarriage of a bridge.

The location of Abellanas’ hideaway is undisclosed, presumably because his local council would take a dim view of him setting up shop rent-free. Still, the mere existence of his illegal studio raises some interesting questions about how we can utilise our overlooked urban spaces.