A Book About Concrete, Made Out Of Concrete

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A Book About Concrete, Made Out Of Concrete

Thursday May 18, 2017 Written by Smith

When Hungarian photographer Gábor Kasza decided to turn his photos of unfinished concrete buildings into a book, he knew exactly what to make the slipcase out of: the hard, grey stuff itself.

“I designed a piece to echo its content,” he explains over on his Indigogo campaign, mirroring ever so slightly one of our favourite Kramer subplots. “The look of the book gives the same unfinished impression as the buildings [inside].”

Kasza hopes to raise about $10,000 to produce the slips, which will weigh over 1 kilogram sans book. If successful, the whole thing will sell for about $200 plus shipping – which we have to imagine will be on the high side.

Related: If you like concrete buildings half as much as Kasza, you should check out Smith Journal volume 22. It’s got a massive feature on brutalist architecture (though sadly doesn’t come with a concrete slip). Grab a copysubscribe or find your local stockist.