Designing Architecture for a Sci-Fi World

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Designing Architecture for a Sci-Fi World

Monday March 13, 2017 Written by Garry

Founded in 2013, Blank Space is an architectural office that lives by the mantra “Architecture Can Do More”. Based in New York, but operating as an online platform, its co-founders Matthew Hoffman (an architect) and Francesca Guiliani (a journalist) encourage architects around the world to broaden our understanding of design through, amongst other things, unusual competitions.

Take their ‘Futuristic Fairytales’ challenge, for instance, where they asked architects to not only submit designs and concept art of interesting new buildings, but fairytale-like narratives with contemporary or futuristics bents.

In Mykailo Ponomarenko’s winning Last Day, Ponomarenko created an alternative Soviet history where anti-gravity technology has led to floating, ringed cities. Terrence Hector’s City Walkers illustrates the tale of giant slow-moving organisms exploited for industry and habitat before their demise. In Up Above, an almost steam-punk aesthetic is used to imagine a world in which extreme stratification has seen the poor proletariat living high above the earth in stilted homes, cut off from the benefits of solid ground.

You can check out all the winners and honourable mentions here.