Become an Architect from Your Bedroom

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Become an Architect from Your Bedroom

Sunday February 05, 2017 Written by Garry

The internet can be a bit of a headache, what with all the trolls and the popups and the constant distractions. But one of the great things about it – aside from funny pictures of animals – is how it has made long distance education all the more doable. 

Detractors might see online learning as a convenient cash cow for universities that don’t want to invest in teaching staff, or an opportunity for less-credible institutions to take advantage of hopeful learners. They have a point: there are certainly a lot of shady “universities” out there. But it’s pleasing to see that free online subjects are also being offered by some of the tertiary giants, including Harvard University, which has started taking enrolments for a fee-less architecture course.

The class is called The Architectural Imagination, and it promises to teach students how to read and analyse buildings, while also brushing them up on the social and historical contexts of architectural styles. Students even get to produce their own drawings and models.

If this class is just whetting your appetite for top-notch bed-based learning, we have even better news: there are plenty more courses where that came from. Check out this expanded list of free courses over at ArchDaily, which includes subjects on sustainable development, Japanese architecture, video game design and more.