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The Vintage T-Shirt Museum

Friday August 26, 2016

This Old Shirt is an online repository for all our favourite fading, tattered tees, lest we forget them.

It takes a surprising amount of skill and artistry to become the person who paints words like “stop” and “slow” on our roads. Here’s a short film showing how they do what they do.

Leonardo da Vinci’s Scuba-Suit

Tuesday August 09, 2016

Forget the helicopter and the tank: our favourite of Da Vinci’s inventions is this creepy scuba suit.

The Model Museum

Friday August 05, 2016

Most architectural models are thrown away once the buildings they've inspired are finished. A lucky few, however, enjoy a second life in this Japanese museum. 

Building a Boat from Scraps

Wednesday August 03, 2016

Using bits and pieces taken from abandoned buildings, Irish designer Eoghan O’Broin has built himself a floating sanctuary of solitude.

Turning the Tables: the Gramovox

Saturday July 30, 2016

Finally: a vertical record player that looks as nice as it sounds.

Cities Made of Bone

Monday July 25, 2016

A spine-tingling new proposal proves the old obsession with using human bones for building materials is alive and well. So to speak. 

The Packable Kayak

Wednesday July 20, 2016

Want a kayak, but don’t have the space to store it? The Pakayak, which you can pull apart and carry like a backpack, might be the portable boat you’ve been looking for.

Famous Writers' Writing Shacks

Saturday July 16, 2016

How some of history’s greatest writers found inspiration in a shack out the back.

Glen Clyde may well make the best socks to have graced our feet in years – and we’ve got some to give away.

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