Wes Anderson and Tarantino-Inspired Cooking Videos

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Wes Anderson and Tarantino-Inspired Cooking Videos

Wednesday September 06, 2017 Written by Garry

Film directors often turn their hands to different genres. Wes Anderson moonlighted with an American Express ad, Werner Herzog made an educational film about the hazards of texting and driving, and Michel Gondry still knocks out a decent music video.

But you don't often hear of famous directors embracing the humble cooking video. Food artist David Ma imagined what would happen if some of the world’s greatest auteurs were to turn their hands to this woefully under-explored genre. More homage than parody, Ma has created videos that reference specific films from each director’s back catalogue – and the results are absurd, funny and very clever. 

Wes Anderson’s eye for symmetry and his penchant for mid-century fonts (evident in The Grand Budapest Hotel) are referenced in a cooking video for s'mores.  

Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill provides the inspiration for some messy-looking meatballs (see top) while the Michael Bay-derived epic-looking waffles film is replete with Transformers-eque lens flare and slo-mo.

Alfonso Cuaron (Gravity) inspires a deliciously seductive pancake video that makes you want to eat your screen. 

We’d love to see how Kathryn Bigelow would direct a Bombe Alaska, Agnes Varda – a scavenged-meat casserole and Wes Craven – a smashed avocado on toast, perhaps?

Tell us on our Facebook page what director/recipe combinations you'd like to see, and we'll collate them into a wish list and send them to David Ma. (We really will. We cannot guarantee a response, but we'll give it a red hot go.)