The Tiny, Nonsensical Worlds of Frank Kunert

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The Tiny, Nonsensical Worlds of Frank Kunert

Sunday August 20, 2017 Written by Garry

At first glance, Frank Kunert’s photos look rather uninspired. That’s at first glance though, as all subsequent looks will likely lead to a pleasant bemusement. The German artist makes miniature sets of unremarkable locations, and inserts architectural anomalies into them.

His series is called Photographs of Small Worlds. Here, the word 'small' seems to refer not just to the scaling down of life sized locations but to the increasingly cramped nature of the worlds he depicts. In Kunert’s vision, balconies lie in the paths of trains, apartment doorways lead to sheer drops, and toilet bowls feed into television sets.

More playful than they are confronting, Kunert pokes fun at our world by filling his own shrunken one with brutalist 1960s architecture and dark, satirical imagery. It’s not your grandfather’s model railway, that’s for sure.