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New Heights in Balloon Art

Tuesday September 27, 2016

Forget the sad-looking sausage dogs. This guy makes balloon animals so lifelike, you’ll think they’re the real deal.

Adelaide photographer Ben Thomas creates hyperreal, pastel-tinged versions of our cities where everything is as you remember it, just… more so.

Bunny Racket, aka the Wiggles of Rock, are the perfect band for rock heads with small children at home, or some sprogs somewhere in their lives.

Watch a mysterious, masked band reimagine the classic New Order song using obsolete instruments from the 1930s. 

This Slovenian monolith can tell you exactly how blue – or polluted – the sky is at any given moment, using the power of science. 

New Movies, Old-Fashioned Covers

Friday August 19, 2016

Self-taught artist Matthew Dix spends his spare time designing old-fashioned covers for modern films – and even dubs them back onto VHS. Naturally, we tracked him down to ask why.

Watch: The Taxidermy Olympics

Sunday August 14, 2016

Forget Rio: the Taxidermy Olympics is the sporting event we can all get behind.

Brisbane Writers Festival

Friday August 12, 2016

Running September 7-11, the Brisbane Writers Festival is a celebration of everything writerly in the city with the best reading weather. Here’s a peek at this year’s program.

Ever wanted to casually flip through the music that influenced one of the most influential musicians in recent memory? The internet is here to help.

NASA reckons we're just 50 years away from visiting Mars. Artist Julien Mauve's photos predict how we’ll behave when we're there.

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