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Snow Fractals

Friday February 05, 2016

Some artists use paint and canvas to express themselves. Simon Beck uses his feet, and miles of freshly fallen snow.

An Ode to the Australian Shed

Wednesday January 27, 2016

In Tasmania, a group of farmers and artists have gotten together to give praise to the humble shed.

Floating Forests

Sunday January 24, 2016

These gravity-defying sculptures have been hidden in forests around the world. Just don't freak out if you run into one on your next hike.

Melting Azerbaijani Rugs

Tuesday January 19, 2016

This is your carpet on drugs.

Last year, Stephen Cummings from The Sports spoke to us about his favourite David Bowie song, “Young Americans”. Now seems like a sadly appropriate time to revisit that interview.

Warning: this video of Christopher Walken reading The Three Little Pigs is not suitable for children.

London artist Justine Smith spends her time turning money into sculptures that look like plants.

Animated Characters

Friday January 01, 2016

Max Dalton’s sketches of iconic film and TV shows will have you hankering to re-watch them.

Nut Portraits

Saturday December 26, 2015

Van Gogh loved oils. Warhol favoured screen prints. Steve Casino, on the other hand, has more unusual tastes. His favourite form of expression: peanuts.

The Beautiful Bacteria of New York

Saturday December 12, 2015

These bacterial samples taken from New York’s subway trains are a nice metaphor for how simultaneously dirty and beautiful the Big Apple is.

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