Sunday Reading: FLATT magazine

Sunday April 13, 2014

Like a cross between a high-production style mag and a contemporary art publication, FLATT magazine pits beautiful images alongside seriously stimulating reading.

Next Wave Festival 2014

Thursday April 10, 2014

What even is the Next Wave Festival? A whole bunch of art, is what. Here are some of the highlights that showcase the carnival’s eclecticism.

A entrepreneur, an artist and an architect walk into a bar...

They might have been sitting in a studio vault for almost 30 years, but these 12 never-released tracks by Johnny Cash are, in his son's words, "beautiful".

Spike Jonze’s Her may have disappeared from cinema screens, but Melbourne’s Rooftop Cinema are keeping the passion alive. True romance.

Modern life is a hard one. Shoppinghour Magazine unpacks it a little bit.

What if the U.S. 'War on Drugs' was working? One of the many fascinating, disheartening theories in this documentary is that it is: by fuelling profits for police and prisons.

In every volume of Smith Journal there are a collection of books, penned by contributors, which span science fiction to self help. The volume 10 reading list comes from James Franco, Elizabeth Gilbert, John Birmingham and many more.

It took a cavalcade of filmmakers (18 to be exact) to take Tim Winton’s short story collection to the big screen.

Night Vale, a sleepy desert town somewhere in the American southwest, seems to be average. But by listening to their monthly Public Service Announcement you might notice there is something strange going on. 

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