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The Art of Modern Scarecrows

Thursday January 19, 2017

Farmers tend to prefer pesticides and nets to old-fashioned scarecrows. But artist Hugo Deniau reckons we should give the old guys another chance.

Morgan Phillips, aka the Sucklord, makes bootlegged action figures for a living. But they’re more than just knock-offs: they’re works of (very freaky) art.

Paintings are made for your eyes. But Brian Eno and his artist friend Beezy Bailey want to know what they sound like.

Sci-fi fans, rejoice: the 1978 Dune calendar, which features rare artwork by illustrator John Schoenherr, totally works for 2017. Now you just need to get your spice-covered mitts on one.

Swedish hardcore punk outfit Refused are on tour soon, so we thought we’d have a bit of a chat with frontman Dennis Lyxzén about growing up in Nordic Noir country and potentially, accidentally, cursing the world.

Album Covers from the Future

Monday January 02, 2017

Former-Gerling drummer Paul Towner spends his downtime making album covers for albums that don’t exist yet, and they’re psychedelically good.

A bunch of arty types are making retro-style posters for each one of America’s 59 national parks. Fingers crossed some Aussie ones follow shortly.

Powerlines in the Upside Down

Sunday December 04, 2016

Considering the artistic merits of the power pylon – by installing them upside down.

Along with 28 other eccentrics, the brooding songsmith’s have written what we can only assume will be the world’s bleakest children’s book.

Scottish artist Charles Young set himself a challenge to build a tiny paper model every day for year. Six hundred paper houses later and he shows no sign of stopping.

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