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The 387 Houses of Peter Fritz

Wednesday May 25, 2016

Why did an insurance clerk painstakingly make 387 architecturally perfect miniature houses, only to abandon them in an op-shop?

Bat Symbols

Saturday May 21, 2016

Holy Graf Zeppelin! This collection of every ridiculous explanatory label from the original Batman TV series shows how hilarious (intentional or not) Batman once was.

How to be a film editor

Thursday May 19, 2016

This insightful video shines a light on the inner-workings of cinema’s unsung heroes: the guys and girls who snip (or, ah, digitally splice) our favourite films together.

Films on Film

Friday May 13, 2016

Don't have time to watch 2001: Space Odyssey? Artist Jason Shulman uses long exposure photography to condense whole films into single frames.

A new festival showcasing the best indie films from the U.S. is hitting the country. And we’ve got some tickets to give away.

In Italy, an artist is converting manholes into teeny tiny rooms to raise awareness of homelessness.

We don’t know why the people behind digitally preserve the sandwiches they eat. But we’re glad they do.

A British company has come up with a novel way to remember someone after they've gone: by pressing their cremated ashes pressed into a playable vinyl record.

The Captured Project

Thursday April 14, 2016

The Captured Project asks people in prison to draw the people they think should be in prison. What does it say that most of their portraits are of CEOs and football administrators?

Blade Runner Miniatures

Tuesday April 12, 2016

These photos show the back-breaking work that went into making Blade Runner look so darn good. Hint: it wasn’t CGI.

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