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Twin Peaks Dioramas

Friday October 14, 2016

Join Special Agent Cooper in the Black Lodge – and other vaguely haunting locations – with these tiny Twin Peaks dioramas.

Monster Drawing Club

Tuesday October 11, 2016

Melbourne artist Brooke Penrose has set himself a challenge: to draw a monster a day until he runs out of either ink or steam. May his pen and his adrenalin flow freely. 

Tile Spotting

Monday October 10, 2016

You don’t get to walk on most artworks. Mosaics are different. Photographer Sebastian Erras gives some of the more eye-popping ones their dues.

In 1973, Salvador Dalí took Surrealism to the kitchen with this little-read cookbook. Copies have always been hard to come by, but now you can finally get your mitts on one, thanks to this reissue.

3D-Printing Paintings for the Blind

Wednesday October 05, 2016

You need to use your eyes to appreciate most paintings. This project is changing that – by using 3D printers to turn paintings into touchable sculptures.

New Heights in Balloon Art

Tuesday September 27, 2016

Forget the sad-looking sausage dogs. This guy makes balloon animals so lifelike, you’ll think they’re the real deal.

Adelaide photographer Ben Thomas creates hyperreal, pastel-tinged versions of our cities where everything is as you remember it, just… more so.

Bunny Racket, aka the Wiggles of Rock, are the perfect band for rock heads with small children at home, or some sprogs somewhere in their lives.

Watch a mysterious, masked band reimagine the classic New Order song using obsolete instruments from the 1930s. 

This Slovenian monolith can tell you exactly how blue – or polluted – the sky is at any given moment, using the power of science. 

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