The Cricket Trailer

The Cricket Trailer

Wednesday January 16, 2013 Written by luke

The car-towed caravan often seems like a thing lost in time – an unarguable, bulky contraption that stopped innovating somewhere in the early '80s. The sort of thing you buy the day after you retire, but not a moment before. A thing somehow impractical in its practicality.

Not so, says the Cricket Trailer. The fruit of former NASA and International Space Station engineer Garrett Finney's architectural imagination, the Cricket is a lightweight caravan/tent hybrid that combines the mobility and convenience of the former, with the portability and environmental consciousness of the latter.

Designed with the attention to detail that only creating living rooms for upper orbit can provide, it's surprisingly spacious, half the weight of a regular caravan, easy to use and even has two separate doors just in case you need to storm out of that game of roadtrip Pictionary you just started losing. It might be a shade more expensive than your average tent, but when it's this usable and durable, perhaps it is worth planning for the long haul.