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In 1996, a tornado hit a Canadian drive-in theatre during a screening of the hit film Twister. Or did it? This surprising gem of a short film investigates. 

Houses Built on Cliffs

Saturday January 27, 2018

Some Swedish architects are designing homes set against cliff faces, and they’re using birds’ nests as inspiration. 

Someone seriously needs to tell Dr Who about this place.

It smacks of science fiction but the clean meat movement may well save the planet. Just ask Leonardo di Caprio and Bill Gates (big fans). And yep, burgers are still on the menu.

Just when you thought there was nothing left to learn about your literary heroes, along comes a study correlating their wake-up times and literary output. Grab your alarm clock and read on…

Turns out medieval re-enactments are bloodier than you think (but still unashamedly geeky).

Talk about music to your ears – Turkey’s ‘whistled language’ is perfect for chatting with friends across steep mountain valleys. But its days may be numbered, thanks to SMS and instant messenger. 

When Angie Polglaze’s art school teacher told her she wouldn’t be able to use the chainsaw, she picked it up and has barely put it down in 20 years. 

So much for almond milk being a 21st-century health trend – turns out it was the beverage (and culinary ingredient) of choice among the medieval super-rich. Blancmange, anyone?

Want to visit the Overlook Hotel? No, neither do we. But Claire Hentschker’s virtual tour of ‘The Shining’ is well worth checking out (or in).