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One of the original greats from the 1950s shows us how it's done. 

Mystery of the Split Rocks

Saturday February 10, 2018

These two rocks in the Saudi Arabian desert are separated by a perfectly vertical gap, and no one knows why.

Turns out 2017 actually looked kinda nice from above.

How to Build a Death Star

Thursday February 08, 2018

Many a Star Wars fan has wondered about the mechanics of building something like a Death Star. Now, one designer has managed to break down the building process into a logical sequence. 

Everything you wanted to know about water monsters, from island-sized turtles to evil, sexy horses.

Other-Worldly, Tiny Italian Shops

Monday February 05, 2018

We fell hard for these hidden gems of shops that hark back to a different time and place, when people were connected, and 7/11s were not a thing. 

We were a bit taken by this traffic intersection footage. It's much more mesmerising than it sounds (promise).

Martin Machado, with his eye-popping photos and his witty blog, takes us into his adventurous world in the merchant marine.  

One day, a pioneering pilot complained to his pal about the difficulty of checking his pocket watch whilst flying. The friend happened to be a jeweller by the name of Cartier… 

Jan Banning travelled the world to photograph the last remaining communist parties on film, and the behind-the-scenes stories are sometimes funny, sometimes heartbreaking.