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In Lost Utopias, photographer Jade Doskow finds beauty in the ruins.

A Dictionary of Antarctic Slang

Sunday August 13, 2017

From ‘degomble’ to ‘greenout’ and ‘offensive potatoes’, Antarctic lingo really is its own unique ‘fingy’. This list breaks down the continent’s strange terminology.

Forget hotels: we’re sleeping in one of these strange-looking habitable installations. 

Mad Men may be over, but the show’s intricately detailed sets get a well-deserved tribute in this photo feature.

Long considered unclimbable, Tasmania’s treacherous Federation Peak has finally been bested – and there’s plenty of leech-filled footage to prove it. 

In 'The Prince and the Assassin', author Steve Harris shines a spotlight on the time Prince Alfred was gunned down by a would-be priest in Sydney. It’s a gripping, action-packed yarn – and we have some copies to give away.

Contrary to popular belief, the original broadcast failed to create a mass panic over alien invasion. But it did have drama, urgency and heat rays, and is well worth a listen today.

Cold? These shots of from “bad weather” photographer Christophe Jacrot will give you some perspective.

As if the tiny plastic bricks weren’t nostalgic enough already. 

We interviewed the now outgoing ‘planetary protection officer’ back in autumn. Read our profile of one of the strangest jobs on the planet here.