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Melbourne-based digital inventor Mond Qu once made a model island so lifelike, it tricked Google Earth and National Geographic into thinking it was real.

Volume 25 is Coming

Thursday November 23, 2017

Want to get your hands on a copy extra early? Pre-ordering is your friend.

Need an egg, orange or bowl of flying fish soup? Japan's vending machines have you covered. All 5.5 million of them...

The Disaster Artist is a new comedy about the making of The Room, aka “the Citizen Kane of bad movies”. And we have some tickets to give away to a special Melbourne screening.

Frank Lloyd Wright in 532 Frames

Tuesday November 21, 2017

How would you go about photographing hundreds of iconic buildings from one of the world's most prolific architects? We have no idea, but one photographer is on a mission to do just that. 


“It’s like kneeling in a bath of porridge with a rainstorm coming down on your head.” 


Each year nearly 20,000 people on a small Spanish island share tables, chairs and food for a communal dinner. Bags not doing the dishes.

Now here’s something to mullet over: for aeons, people have crafted leather out of fish. Here’s a brief how-to.

What happens when your furry friend Wayne (or Fido, or Fluffy) dies? We've scoured the net for the most unique ways to godspeed your pet.

Haunting Abandoned Petrol Stations

Thursday November 16, 2017

These photos of deserted French gas stations gave us the post-apocalyptic feels.