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It’s the moment we've all been waiting for: the 2016 award for best bank note of the year is about to be announced. Will upstart Columbia snatch the prize? Can New Zealand snare their second victory in a row? Is any of this real? 

Hong Kong and New York are both bustling metropolises. But Australian photographer Ward Roberts found their calmer, quainter side.

Take Shelter: Designing for Crises

Thursday December 29, 2016

What happens when you ask artists and designers to get creative with housing the world's 65 million displaced people?

Covering a whopping 24,000 kilometres, it’s certainly not for the faint of heart (or foot). 

Back in the day, students caught misbehaving at this university were sent to a secret subterranean prison. These photos of its graffiti-clad walls show that it was a pretty fun place to be.

Meet the Modern-Day Druids

Monday December 26, 2016

They might not have built Stonehenge and their magic spells don’t really seem to work, but the modern-day druids of Shropshire are every bit the real deal. 

Merry Christmas! Here are some creepy Victorian-era Christmas cards of dead birds and frogs stabbing each other for some reason.

They’ve been doing it for 1000 years. And it smells goood.

Photo Series: Leaving Home

Friday December 23, 2016

Kurney Ramsey’s family have lived on the same piece of land for 200 years. His pictures tell that story of belonging – and leaving.

They say there’s a collector for everything. After seeing this 10,000-plus collection of “Do Not Disturb” signs, we’re inclined to believe them.