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Got a pallet? You’ve got yourself three not-bad-looking chairs. Or you could, if you followed these instructions.

This should be epic: Magnetic Fields' frontman Stephin Merritt is performing 50 songs chronicling each year of his life. And you could score yourself a ticket, thanks to Melbourne Festival.

We dare you to bake these insect-filled treats at your next dinner party.

Could insects be the next big superfood? Or is that just too creepy to contemplate? We investigate. 

This ancient rock was taking up space on a Victorian farm. So stonemason Josh Bowes decided to get creative with his chisel. (You’ll also find him playing tetris with rocks, dry stone walling across regional Victoria.) 

Smith Journal is Hiring

Friday October 13, 2017

Great news! We’re looking for a senior designer to join us at Smith Journal. Come help us make magazines.

Ultimate Glamping

Thursday October 12, 2017

For those who love the idea of camping, but who’d rather not actually do it.

The Early Heroes of Snail Mail

Wednesday October 11, 2017

Thanks to a certain postal vote underway, snail mail has been on a few people’s minds lately, so we decided to pay homage to the bird and animal pioneers of the mail.

Into the Wild

Tuesday October 10, 2017

When a successful fashion photographer adopted a neglected dog and moved to the wilderness, he landed more than a furry hiking companion – he found a muse. Troy Moth tells Smith Journal about facing down bears and finding freedom in the great outdoors.

There's evidence of a sinister history of human sacrifice and mass exodus hidden beneath this benign-looking earthen mound in Southern Illinois.