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Elvis: Dead… or Just Disappeared?

Wednesday August 23, 2017

This month marks the 40th anniversary of Elvis’ death – at least, it does for those who believe he is actually dead. 

Volume 24 is Coming

Wednesday August 23, 2017

Want to get your hands on a copy extra early? Pre-ordering is your friend.

Trees with ‘crown shyness’ avoid touching each other – and they make some nice-looking patterns in the process.

These photos might seem kind of banal at first glance. But take a closer look.

Terrifying, gorgeously designed perspective. 

Calling the Mojave Phone Booth

Friday August 18, 2017

For years, lonely people looking for a chat could call this mysterious pay phone in the middle of the Mojave Desert. 

Soldiers returning from war once turned to quilting to express themselves.

Forget navigating by the stars: next time you find yourself lost in the bush without a compass, grab yourself a cow. 

Writer Tim Brookes is on a mission to preserve the world’s 6000 endangered languages. And he’s turning to woodcarvings and furniture to do it.