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Whether you’re a seafarer, a pagan or just a keen stargazer, our 2018 lunar calendar – a bonus lift-out in the current Smith – will help you navigate your life. 

From North by Northwest to Fargo and The Breakfast Club, pop culture fiend and cartographer Andrew DeGraff has created a series of “movie maps” that bring to life the plots of 35 films.

British 'micro artist' Willard Wigan creates art so small it can fit on the end of an eyelash and in the eye of a needle.

A huge amount of Neil Young’s property is going under the hammer, including 36 guitars (and if you’re into that, 250 of his toy trains too).

DIY Wooden Beer Caddy

Thursday December 07, 2017

Craft beers deserve something better than a soggy cardboard six-pack carrier. Make this stylish wooden caddy and be the envy of every summer BBQ.

How To Dispose of a Spacecraft

Wednesday December 06, 2017

We’re pretty good at rocketing things up into space. But when it comes to building a ‘spacecraft cemetery’ for the stuff afterwards… not so much. 

Four Unkillable Houseplants

Tuesday December 05, 2017

This list of indestructible plants will help you get some green in your life (and keep it there).

Smith Journal Volume 25

Monday December 04, 2017

Volume 25 of Smith Journal is a real handful – in the best possible way. And it’s on sale in Australia and online today. 

The Dull Men’s Club

Sunday December 03, 2017

Finally: a club for dull men (and the dull women who appreciate them). PS. 'Born to be Mild', the short film about the club (below) is well worth a view. 

When post-war US car designers were given free rein to create their dream automobiles, they came up with jaw-droppers like these. (And one of them contains a 30-coat paint job, which owes its sparkle to real crushed diamonds.)