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Along with 28 other eccentrics, the brooding songsmiths have written what we can only assume will be the world’s bleakest children’s book.

Thinking of retiring to Mars, like Elon Musk? Well, these predictions for our next 100 years in space will help you plan ahead. 

Mullet Fest 2018 Just Happened

Thursday March 01, 2018

What were you doing last weekend? Were you in the small NSW town of Kurri Kurri? No? Pity.

It turns out that simply visualising exercise can make you stronger. Where has this research been all our lives?

Swedish Earth Cabins

Tuesday February 27, 2018

In the 20th century, architects designed towers that reached for the skies. But in 17th-century Sweden, they steered their constructions in the other direction: underground. 

From refusals to renounce the devil to petitions for a toothpick, and a better last supper, these famous folk really aced their exits.

There's nothing like some hearty Russian folk songs to kickstart your week. (Side note: none of the choristers actually speak Russian.)

Nab yourself a double pass to Have You Seen the Listers?, the film festival smash hit about world-renowned street artist Anthony Lister.

If you find mornings heavy-going, this could be your thing. You can program this concrete barista to brew your coffee while you're still in bed. 

Christopher Walken's Bedtime Stories

Thursday February 22, 2018

Warning: this video of Christopher Walken reading The Three Little Pigs is not suitable for children.