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This chef decided to “plate up” the world’s military ration meals as if they were being served at a Michelin-starred restaurant – and now we want to eat them.  

Beneath the featureless surface of the Nullarbor Plain lies an alien landscape dazzling cave divers and geologists alike. 

Illustrator Mark Todd draws fake album covers for bands we wish existed. 

The Encyclopaedia of Robots

Tuesday May 02, 2017

When the singularity occurs and we’re all enslaved by machines, it’ll pay to be on the good side of whoever runs, a one-stop repository of information about – you guessed it – old robots.

After 35 years away, Mark Palmer returned home to New Zealand and built the best sheep farm outpost we’ve ever seen. (And we’ve seen at least two.)

The French photographer was a major influence on director Wes Anderson. 

Watch this touching tribute to the late André Cassagnes, inventor of the Etch A Sketch, animated on the device itself.

Want to Work at Smith Journal?

Friday April 28, 2017

Exciting news, folks! We’re on the hunt for a new sales gun to join us at Smith Journal, as well as a new assistant accountant.

Melbourne studio yelldesign make mouth-watering, paper cut-inducing meals and cocktails entirely out of paper. 

J Henry Fair's aerial photos capture the beauty and the horror of the planet's industrial sites.