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Smith volume two review, by Bruce

Thursday March 15, 2012

Meet Bruce, 56, he's a biomedical engineer, mad inventor, entrepreneur, cauliflower hater and the latest Smith volume two reviewer.

Dish story

Wednesday March 14, 2012

The team at the Royal Mail Hotel in Dunkeld, Victoria, put only the freshest stuff own their plates and they've got the kitchen garden, producers and video to prove it.

In the right hands sushi is the apogee of humankind's culinary creations. Eighty-five-year-old Jiro Ono has the right hands.

Ye Rin Mok

Tuesday March 13, 2012

Seoul-born photographer Ye Rin Mok shoots for Apartmento, Tokion, Theme, Spin, Monocle – some of the best in the business (present company excepted!). 


Tuesday March 13, 2012

This new idea might inject some real old-fashioned tangibility into Instagram's image-based social network. 

Smith is now on the racks and in the hands of good folks everywhere. We figured we'd throw out a few copies to some wiser guys, men who have been there and done that. First up is Phil, 71, mechanic:

The violin maker

Sunday March 11, 2012

Sam Zygmuntowicz is a violin maker of the most traditional sort; a man who has been building instrument, by hand, since he was 13.

Louis C.K., Zach Galifianakis, Patton Oswalt, Dave Eggers, Kirsten Schaal and Amy Sedaris dish out advice in this new book published by The Believer

White Rabbit Gallery

Friday March 09, 2012

Nestled in the back streets of a quiet Sydney suburb sits one of the world's largest collections of contemporary Chinese art.

The Richmond Weekender

Friday March 09, 2012

There's a lot to love about Saturdays and Sundays, but Melbourne's Richmond Weekender formalises this via a restaurant, cinema and Southern-style BBQ colab in an former TV studio by the river.