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Literature heavyweights

Sunday April 01, 2012

They look like the kind of leather-bound books you'd find in a room smelling of rich mahogany, but these chunky classics are actually salvaged bricks.

Keaton Henson

Saturday March 31, 2012

Jim Henson made Kermit and Miss Piggy, but he shouldn't be confused with Keaton Henson whose new music video is like a beautifully moody alternate world of Muppets.


Friday March 30, 2012

This photo series by Elliot Wilcox captures the beautiful imperfections of humble sporting arenas.

Most of us have wished we were Bruce Lee at some point in our lives. This new doco helps us get beyond the imagination and understand why Lee, who died at 32, is so iconoclastic.

Bamboo = Better

Thursday March 29, 2012

If you want to protect your iThing from the cruel world's scratchy stuff without bubble wrapping it, then we've got something for you.

A worthy contender

Thursday March 29, 2012

Alan Turing helped crack the German code in World War II, but was subsequently prosecuted by the British Government for the "crime" of homosexuality. Now, 10,000 Britons want to put him on a bank note.

Q&A with Archer & Archer

Wednesday March 28, 2012

Troy Archer's collection of 'old stuff' is spilling off the internet and into a real world store.

Slow mo sound

Wednesday March 28, 2012

Sigur Ros describe their upcoming album as an "avalanche in slow motion" and they've released a track to prove it.

Sketching with the fishes

Tuesday March 27, 2012

An average day for Perth zoologist and artist Roger Swainston involves sitting on the seabed with his sketch pad.

The nest best thing

Tuesday March 27, 2012

Move over hammock, we've just discovered the human nest and we're getting in.