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America Recycled

Thursday April 19, 2012

Urban Bush-Carpenters

Thursday April 19, 2012

Living in the concrete jungle with a backyard the size of a car, it's easy to think that composting, chook housing and D.I.Y. carpentry belong to a different generation and/or postcode. 

Great heights

Thursday April 19, 2012

NB: Smith is not responsible for any cases of vertigo, dizzy spells or rushing adrenaline caused by these images.

A fan of metal

Wednesday April 18, 2012

Amsterdam artist-come-industrial-designer Lex Pott loves his metal, but unlike most Northern Europeans his obsession doesn't make him burn down churches and wear human teeth around his neck.

What's mind is yours

Wednesday April 18, 2012

A slim black headband may soon have the power to read our thoughts.

The best of the worst

Tuesday April 17, 2012

Some parents are clearly intent on doing stuff to embarrass their kids for decades. If you think you've had it bad, just be thankful your folks never tried to make music.

Everyone ever in the world

Tuesday April 17, 2012

Nietzsche said that if you stare long enough into the void, the void stares back at you. So it might be best to gaze with caution at Everyone Ever in the World from The Luxury of Protest.

Every day icons

Monday April 16, 2012

We're rather taken with the work of Amsterdam-based designer Tim Boelaars, who's created a collection of monochrome icon sets for various aspects of modern-day life.

Where's Liu?

Monday April 16, 2012

Contemporary art meets Where's Wally whimsy in the work of Chinese artist, Liu Bolin ('The Invisible Man'), who paints himself into urban environments.

Sunday reading: n+1

Sunday April 15, 2012

n+1 is a literary journal about American culture. It's a youthful rival to the New Yorker, Paris Review and McSweeney's Believer, but slightly more approachable and not as snooty.