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In the 1980s, Flying Nun Records shone a spotlight on New Zealand’s weird and wonderful music scene. We caught up with founder Roger Shepherd ahead of his upcoming talk at Melbourne's School of Life.

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Monday February 13, 2017

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Mad Men, Parks and Rec, Brooklyn 99 and more get the 3D floor plan treatment.

Bruce Lee was more than just a martial arts badass – he was a philosopher, as these recently uncovered writings reveal.

A certain Hallmark holiday is fast approaching. If you're the kind of person who marks these occasions with breakfast in bed (no judgement), you could do worse than give these smoked-salmon crepes a shot. 

After a huge misunderstanding, plans to build this massive Frank Lloyd Wright chapel were scrapped. Now a Spanish architect is breathing new life into them.

Own a piece of Melbourne music memorabilia? These historians would like to speak with you.

Jumping into the Cave of Swallows

Thursday February 09, 2017

This vertigo-inducing pit – the largest in the world – takes more than a full hour to descend by rope. And much less time if you just fling yourself off.

We caught up with the co-founder of iFixit – the Wikipedia of fixing stuff – ahead of his talk at WOMADelaide's Planet Talks series.

The writing wasn’t always Pulitzer-worthy, but the artwork adorning old sci-fi books deserves a place in the annals of art history.