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Rather than working unpaid internships, these design students bought an old school bus and turned it into a mobile studio. 

Rjukan, Norway used to be shrouded in darkness for half the year. Until some bright spark decided to muck around with some very large mirrors. 

The Dictionary of Winds

Thursday April 06, 2017

Forget Eskimos and their 50 words for ice: this meteorologist has compiled a list of just about every type of wind you can poke a weathervane at, from Abroholos to Zephyros and many other hair-ruffling gusts in between.

Here’s a website that does exactly what it says on the box, listing every strangely shaped water tower keeping the thirsty citizens of Poland hydrated.

Flipbook animations, secret musical scores and glowing Northern Lights: these are just some of the things designers have used to spruce up the world’s most experimental passports.

In a forest just two hours out of Paris, a team of builders and archeologists is building a medieval castle from scratch, using 800-year-old methods.

Before Boris Yeltsin, the USSR actually tried to wean the country off vodka with these smartly designed ad campaigns. 

Here's the right way to crack your kindling, as invented by a New Zealand teenager.

Tired of billboards blocking the view? This artist decided to do something about it.