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Nab yourself a double pass to Have You Seen the Listers?, the film festival smash hit about world-renowned street artist Anthony Lister.

If you find mornings heavy-going, this could be your thing. You can program this concrete barista to brew your coffee while you're still in bed. 

Christopher Walken's Bedtime Stories

Thursday February 22, 2018

Warning: this video of Christopher Walken reading The Three Little Pigs is not suitable for children.

Imagine what it'd be like to remember everything in your life. Yep, everything. Since day dot. 

Feel inspired and inadequate at the same time with this mesmerising time-lapse video.

This interview, with Black Panther fashion designer and former hip-hop artist Wale Oyéjidé, was one of the most profound conversations we've ever had. 

Ask a Librarian

Sunday February 18, 2018

Before Google, our inane questions were answered by patient librarians. The New York Public Library unearthed a box of these questions from the '40s – and they’re amazing.

The poignant, funny, poetic last words of Humphrey Bogart, Marie Antoinette, Thomas Edison and Emily Dickinson (now that'd make a good dinner party...). 

Japanese sculptor Haroshi combines his two great passions – skateboarding and art – into the most logical synthesis possible: skateboard art.

Venture inside the hidden world of one of America’s last pencil factories.   

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