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The Art of Modern Scarecrows

Thursday January 19, 2017

Farmers tend to prefer pesticides and nets to old-fashioned scarecrows. But artist Hugo Deniau reckons we should give the old guys another chance.

Searching for History in the Mud

Wednesday January 18, 2017

Along the banks of the Thames, a group of modern "mudlarks" are unearthing objects from 2000 years of human history. Here’s what they’ve found so far.

The Good Stuff Awards

Tuesday January 17, 2017

Are you a creative type? The Good Stuff awards might just be the leg up you’ve been looking for. Entries close soon, though, so get cracking.

Cowboy life isn’t all gunslinging and horse riding. Finnish photographer Karoliina Paatos captures the more mundane moments of life on the range.

Typewriters weren't just used for writing the Great American Novel (or tedious office memos) – musicians used them too. We look back at the musical machines lost to history.

Flat Earth Theory

Sunday January 15, 2017

This new Japanese map of the Earth – which turns from a sphere to a pyramid to a 2D map without distortions – might be the best one yet.

El Alto’s brightly coloured, geometric buildings might look like tripped-out pinball machines, but they’re actually based on traditional Andean textiles and ceramics. 

Travel back in time with this soundscape from the world’s leading “archaeologist of sound”. 

If you're passing through Geelong, Victoria – hell, even if you’re not – you could do worse than stop at the Little Creatures Brewery for a boozy lunch or dinner (or both, why not). 

Morgan Phillips, aka the Sucklord, makes bootlegged action figures for a living. But they’re more than just knock-offs: they’re works of (very freaky) art.

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