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In a word: tough. In a few more words: extremely rewarding.

The Great Continental Slash

Saturday October 22, 2016

The border between Canada and the U.S. isn’t only the longest in the world – it is also entirely tree-free. Here are the gardeners tasked with maintaining the tidiest lawn on the planet.

Can't decide what hair product to tame your mop with? Uppercut Deluxe is here to help. And so are we.

Sydney’s Secret Train Tunnels

Friday October 21, 2016

Every day, thousands of unwitting commuters in Sydney pass by two extra platforms, a network of tunnels and a WWII bomb shelter, all hidden behind one little door.

British expat Simon Peel set out with a camera to document how Australia was changing him. Check back in 31 years for the answer.

Is there anything more eye-catching than a good cutaway illustration?

Designers in Bangkok have finally found a use for the city’s odd-shaped empty spaces: right-angled soccer fields.

Inside the Houseboats of London

Monday October 17, 2016

Turns out you don’t have to cram yourself into a tiny apartment to live in the CBD – provided you can get your hands on a houseboat. These photos take us inside the abodes of the lucky bastards who call London's River Thames home.

Saving for the End of the World

Sunday October 16, 2016

In the event of a nuclear apocalypse, the U.S. Federal Reserve had a secret bunker – and four billion dollars in cash – hidden in this totally not suspicious-looking building.

How to Make the Best Dumplings

Saturday October 15, 2016

Ever wanted to make your own dumplings? With this recipe from cookbook author Kei Lum Chan, it’s even easier – and delicious-ier – than you’d think.

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