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Now here’s something to mullet over: for aeons, people have crafted leather out of fish. Here’s a brief how-to.

What happens when your furry friend Wayne (or Fido, or Fluffy) dies? We've scoured the net for the most unique ways to godspeed your pet.

Haunting Abandoned Petrol Stations

Thursday November 16, 2017

These photos of deserted French gas stations gave us the post-apocalyptic feels. 

Boiling 1.5 million kettles at the same time will do that to you.

Swiss Cabin Porn

Tuesday November 14, 2017

It’s no secret that we enjoy ogling the odd rustic cabin nestled in ridiculously good-looking scenery. Happily, the country of Switzerland is full of these places, surrounded by Toblerone-shaped mountains, sparkling glaciers, rushing waterfalls and the odd Alpine goat. Here are some handsome-looking places we put together with our friends at Switzerland Tourism. 

Forget in-flight movies – back in the day, first-class passengers were treated to live piano concerts and other decadent treats. 

When places of learning make number twos their number one focus. 

Artist, filmmaker and one-man publicity machine: Spanish surrealist Salvador Dalí was a man of many talents. But his stint as a tarot designer is less well known.


Real world feeling a bit too real? These movies will help you escape into some other weird and wonderful places.

Germany’s Old and New Bowling Alleys

Wednesday November 08, 2017

Germany is chock-full of kitschy bowling alleys, and Robert Götzfried has had a decent go at photographing them all.

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