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Capturing Wisconsin's Ice Shacks

Saturday September 05, 2015

For just 10 weeks each year, the ice on Wisconsin's lakes gets so thick that fishermen can build shacks on top of them. Photographer Mike Rebholz documents this pop-up community in all its frozen glory.

The Only Way to Fly?

Friday September 04, 2015

With its pianos and cocktail bars, aviation used to be a ritzy affair. Today's planes can hardly compete – but it turns out we might actually be better off for it.

Traditional gun dancing in Saudi Arabia

Thursday September 03, 2015

One of the Middle East’s strangest traditions requires nerves of steel and a good sense of rhythm. 



Father's Day Subscription Offer

Wednesday September 02, 2015

Does your dad have a curious mind? Do you need to get him a last minute Father's Day present? An annual subscription to Smith Journal costs less than 50 bucks. Sorted.

Fever of Animals (book giveaway)

Tuesday September 01, 2015

Miles Allinson’s first novel Fever of Animals is a beautifully written meditation on love, history and grief. And we’ve got copies to give away.

The World's First Smart Alec

Tuesday September 01, 2015

Every friendship group has one. And it turns out the original 'smart alec' was as disagreeable a chap as you might expect.

A Life Alive: Road Trip

Monday August 31, 2015

Forrest Mankins is doing something many of us have fantasised about: getting in the car and driving into the unknown. He left his home in 2014 – and he hasn’t stopped yet.

Charles Darwin's Doodles

Sunday August 30, 2015

On the Origin of Species might be one of the most important books ever written. But to Darwin’s kids, it was just another thing to scribble on.

An amusement park at the bottom of a Transylvanian mine is the perfect place to while away your eternal life.

Classic Cars: Phoenix Campervan

Friday August 28, 2015

The Phoenix might be the strangest (read: coolest) looking camper van we’ve ever seen. And with these recently unearthed instructions (and a working knowledge of your local wreckers), you can even build your own.

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