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Living Photographs of WWI

Friday October 09, 2015

Before the Super Bowl halftime show or North Korean Mass Games, a WWI photographer created spectacular, massive images of American nationalism using tens of thousands of soldiers and a megaphone.

Forget the Hollywood blockbuster: if you really want to feel what it’s like on top of Everest, you need to see Sherpa, the stunning documentary screening at the Adelaide Film Festival. Good thing we’ve got some double passes to give away.

Swedish Earth Cabins

Thursday October 08, 2015

In the 20th century, architects designed towers that reached for the skies. But in 17th-century Sweden, they steered their constructions in the other direction: underground. (And this one's available for rent.)

U.S. soul singer Leon Bridges is coming to Australia! He’s playing shows in Sydney and Melbourne (presented by yours truly) – and we’ve got tickets to give away.

The Futuristic TV Sets of Dubai

Wednesday October 07, 2015

Television news desks can be pretty abstract at the best of times. But the spaceship-like ones that grace the airwaves of the United Arab Emirates are really out of this world.

From Columbus's first sketches of America to the digital cartography of Minecraft, the maps in this book mightn’t help you get from A to B. But they say a lot about how we see the world. (And we’ve got copies to give away).

The Outdoor Office

Monday October 05, 2015

Mondays might feel a little less Monday-ish if we worked in one of these outdoor office spaces.

Packing for the Apocalypse

Sunday October 04, 2015

What do doomsday preppers put in their backpacks to survive the end of the world? Photographer Allison Stewart takes a look.

Dear Photogaph

Saturday October 03, 2015

The website Dear Photograph asks readers to send in photos of photos taken in the same place across different times. The result is a vertigo-inducing trip through a nostalgic wormhole.

Gaining Control

Friday October 02, 2015

These photos of vintage knobs, dials and things that go beep celebrate a time when touchscreens were just a glint in Captain Kirk’s eye.

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