Four Decades a Ranger

Wednesday May 27, 2015

Steve Fuller has been Yellowstone’s winter ranger for 42 years. His photos—all hundred thousand of them—capture the stark beauty of life in the wild.

Partisan (ticket giveaway)

Tuesday May 26, 2015

Child assassins and urban cults are the focus of Partisan, a gripping new Australian film by first-time director Ariel Kleiman. We’ve got tickets to give away.

We already knew Eddie Van Halen could play the guitar. But according to these patents he filed, he literally reinvented it.

Pre-Order Volume 15

Monday May 25, 2015

The world is full of people who followed their crazy dreams and turned them into even crazier realities. We’ve captured some of their stories in the next volume of Smith Journal, out June 1.

Shanghai Sidecars

Monday May 25, 2015

These photos of sidecar riders in Shanghai make us want to put on a pair of goggles and hit the road.

In most video games, taking things from other players is half the point. But when two hackers stole virtual weapons and sold them for thousands of real-world dollars, the FBI turned up at their doors.

Music for Nature Lovers

Saturday May 23, 2015

By hacking a record player with a camera and some ingenious coding, artist Bartholomäus Traubeck lets trees express their musical side.

You don’t always have to spend big to get your hands on good, organic food: just take a walk in the forest. This month, Grown & Gathered share their recipe for stinging nettle and wild mushroom soup.

Write for Smith Journal

Thursday May 21, 2015

Do you have a way with words? Smith Journal is on the hunt for people who know how to pitch and write fascinating magazine stories.

The Cave of Dr Seuss

Thursday May 21, 2015

What happens when Dr Seuss meets Nick Cave? Something wonderful, and a little dark.

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