The Ottoman Atlantis

Thursday May 07, 2015

Beneath the surface of the Danube river lies Ada Kaleh: a small but once-important island that became known as the Ottoman Atlantis.

Desert Ink

Wednesday May 06, 2015

Jonathan May takes photos of ex-gang members who've swapped AK-47s for tattoo guns.

Stalin’s Picture Books

Tuesday May 05, 2015

When artists began being censored in the USSR, many took up new careers as children's book illustrators. The result was a period of amazing colour and imagination – though not always best suited for children.

Neil Huxley has directed some of the best CGI sequences on film and in video games. We spoke to him about working on Watchmen, and why he thinks Altered Beast would make a great movie.

We love a cup of siphoned third-wave as much as the next coffee drinker. But some mornings (or afternoons, or evenings) you can’t beat the old stove-top.

Toyshop Tomb

Sunday May 03, 2015

Did your inner child feel a tremor in the Force recently? It was probably due the discovery of this trove of vintage figurines in a boarded-up toy story in Wales.

Life as a Stuntman

Saturday May 02, 2015

This short film confirms what we've long suspected: that life as a professional stuntman is pretty awesome.

Cave of the Giants

Friday May 01, 2015

What do Pink Floyd, Jules Verne and a giant all have in common? A strangely beautiful cave in Scotland.

The Magicians of the Miniature

Thursday April 30, 2015

As good as these classic Hollywood miniatures looked on screen, seeing them being made (and played with) makes them look even better.

Music Shop Super Group

Wednesday April 29, 2015

Artist Noah Wall secretly recorded customers in a music store as they tried out the shop’s instruments. The result might be one of the strangest albums we've ever heard.

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